Gamescape North

San Rafael, California, USA |
2013-2014 |
Retail and Game Community Management |

I delighted in working with the incredible team I worked with, getting to put smiles on some of the coolest faces I have yet to know, and managing the incomparable Magic the Gathering community at Gamescape North. It was a blast, I miss those guys! Onward and upwards for all of us!

TSA Telco Group

Brisbane, Queensland | 
2011 |
Outbound Sales Caller |

It was a lesson in perseverance and humility to make outbound sales calls for a phone company. That said, I had an amazing team with me there in the trenches and I was very successful! I made one of the best friends of my life there, with whom I am still friends with today, all because of the amazing teamwork at that location. I’ll never forget it. |

Coworker references available upon request.

Best Buy

San Francisco, California |
2008-2010 |
Computers Senior, Gaming Specialist | 

I started in Best Buy as the Media Department’s Gaming Specialist, because the managers were very impressed to meet a girl with so much gaming knowledge! It didn’t take long before they and I realised my potential at Best Buy, and I became one of two seniors in the PC and Home Office department. Very shortly after that, the Senior position was removed, and I became a regular PCHO employee again. Then Christmas hit, and the Media Department was hit hardest, so I offered to cover Media as Gaming Specialist again!
It was a wild ride, but I deeply enjoyed my time at Best Buy. I really learned how to have fun while being the best.

Robert Half

San Francisco, California |
Temporary Employee |
2008 |

At Robert Half I accepted assignments to work for various companies throughout the Financial District in SF, primarily as a secretary or office assistant.

Sprayberry Graphic Design Department

Atlanta, Georgia |
2006-2007 |
Graphic Designer | 

I confess, this was technically more of a student internship! I had a blast working with Coach John Morson making all the logos and setting up the necessary screens to make them a reality. I worked with Mr. Morson and Mr. Cam White very closely to get our teams all the merch they needed. It was great being valued to that degree as a student, and being able to see the professional side of the classes I was taking. |

Reference available upon request.

Zimmtech Engineering

Atlanta, Georgia |
Intern |
2007 | 

While employed with Zimmtech by owner Andrew Zimmerman, I did minor secretarial duties to assist the regular secretary on her off-days. I filed, typed, mailed, disposed of sensitive files, and generally assisted with office duties as necessary. |

Referral is possible, please request.